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A large turnout of paddlers tonight on a warm evening, 35 paddlers on the water. Tonight's race was 5.65 KM to Riverton Bridge and return - nomination race. Tonights winner was Simon O'Sullivan who is seen in the photo being presented with a movie voucher by our visiting international guest Marianne Kaappola, who went for a paddle herself.  
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Sprint Championship 2015 Results for CRCC Guppies Congratulations to all our junior athletes Oneli Weeerasinghe 2nd U10 /U12 Girls K1 200m Final 2nd U10/12 Girls K1 500m Final Oneli Weeerasinghe/ Annalise Stevens  1st U10 Girls  & U10 Boys K2 200m Final 1st U10 Girls  & U10 Boys K2 500m Final  Tim Hyde 2nd U12  Boys K1 200m Final 2nd U12 Boys K1 500m Final   Levi Bentley /Gillian MacDougal 3rd U10 Girls  & U10 Boys K2 200m Final 2nd U10 Girls  & U10 Boys K2 500m Final    Nicholas Ringrose 5th U14 K1 200m...
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2015 City Lights Race Registration is now available at this link;
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25 paddlers on the water last night on a beautiful evening. 5.6km Nomination race to Riverton Bridge and back. Tonight's racing was very close with two people tied for first getting to within 2 seconds of their nominated times, Serene Tempest and David Griffiths. The photo this evening shows club member Joe Wilson presenting tonight's winners, Serene and David. We finished the night with Pizzas from Antonio's - superb.
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1st March, Sunday of Long Weekend Runs from Canning River to Ascot going past the city just after dark. Food and entertainment at Ascot at end of event, seriously good fun ! Requirement is at least two competitors per team: Double kayaks, Two kayaks at a time or Any paddle-powered multi-person craft welcome. Line up a team-mate, make a plan to stay in Perth for the weekend and look out for registration details in mid Feb Any queries, call Race Director, Doug Hodson 0417 938 596
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Well we are well and truly back for 2015. We had a big turn out on a warm evening last night 26 paddlers. Winner of the Nomination race was Liam and Mitchell Thompson in their K2, second place was Jake Hammond and third place was Richard Tempest and Tim Coward. Tonight's photo shows Tim Coward presenting tonight's winners with movie vouchers. A special mention goes to young Oneli who completed the full course in excellent time. Tuesday 20th January...
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Date Activity Training type 3/1/15 10 x 1 min efforts. 3 warm up laps at 70, 80,90% then 7 x 100% with paddle back rests. lactic acid tolerance 10/1/15 3 x 9 min efforts, 6 x 4 min efforts at 80% aerobic 17/1/15 8 x 2min efforts with paddle back rests LAT 24/1/15 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2 min efforts @ 80% aerobic 31/1/15 2,4,6,4,2 x 3 @ 80% aerobic 7/2/15  15 x 30’s to Shelley Bridge then leap frog back to Kent St. Lactic acid tolerance 14/2/15 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2 min efforts @ 80% aerobic 21/2/15 2 x ladders. 10strokes on 10 off...
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A reminder to members - Tuesday night paddling will recommence on Tuesday 6th of January. Jerry's training squad will paddle this Saturday at 8am and then also take a couple of weeks off.
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Last Tuesday paddle for the year. Nomination race to Riverton Bridge and back 5.65KM. Tonights winner was Doug Hodson who got to within 2 seconds of his nominated time. Tonights photo shows club Committee member Dave Brown presenting Doug with a movie voucher.
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Click here to view this weeks race video.