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Riverton Bridge Nomination race tonight, 25 paddlers, nice evening, no breeze and moderate to high water. Winner was Louis Botes who was exactly on his nominated time to the second - well done Louis. Tonights photo shows last weeks winner Doug Hodson presenting Louis with his Movie Voucher and Louis presenting Doug for last week.
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Date Activity Training type 9/5/15 2,4,6,4,2 min x 3 aerobic 16/5/15 8 x 2 min efforts lactic acid tolerance 23/5/15 3 x 9 min then 6 x 4 min efforts aerobic 30/5/15 Sprint & technique leap frog to Shelley Bridge and back aerobic / technique 6/6/15 6 x 6 min efforts Lactic acid tolerance 13/6/15 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2 minute efforts aerobic 20/6/15 10 x 2 min efforts Lactic acid tolerance 27/6/15 K4 / K2 skills session. Bring your K2 if you have one or turn up with your paddle if you don’t skills development All welcome. If you can balance your...
Tuesday 5th May 2015: Tonight's photo shows club member Jake Jake Hammond presenting tonight's winner Damian Cooper with a movie voucher.
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28 paddlers on the water, 3-week average race tonight. Low water so slow times. Tonight's winner was Damian Cooper who beat his 3 week average by more than 2 minutes. Cool evening with a Beautiful full moon. Tonight's photo shows club member Jake Jake Hammond presenting tonight's winner Damian Cooper with a movie voucher.  
Tuesday 28th April 2015 : Dave Brown presenting tonights winner Mike Galanty with a movie voucher
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What an absolutely Beautiful evening, river like glass, a warm night and high water. 28 paddlers took advantage of Beautiful conditions to set many personal best times. The winner tonight of the movie voucher was Mike Galanty who got to within 3 seconds of his nominated time. Mike is being presented with a movie voucher by Dave Brown in tonight's photo.
Tuesday 21st April 2014 : Club member Doug Hodson presentings tonights winner Simon O'Sullivan with a movie voucher
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30 Paddlers on the water tonight, a beautiful evening and tonights race was a countdown race. Winner on teh night was Simon O'Sullivan who got to within 7 seconds of the zero time. Tonights photo shows club member Doug Hodson presenting Simon with a movie voucher.
Tuesday 14th April 2015 Judith Thompson presenting tonights winners Mark Shellard and Tim Coward with movie vouchers with our Champion Lakes guests looking on.
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Tuesday 14th Club Night. What a Beautiful evening, hardly any breeze, high water, dolphins playing in the water. 5.2km nomination race, this week we had friends from Champion Lakes joining us, 26 paddlers in all. Lots of historic bests in the ideal conditions. Joint winners tonight were Tim Coward and Mark Shellard who both got within 17 seconds of their nominated times. Tonight's photo shows Club committee member Judith Thompson presenting tonight's winners Mark and Tim with movie vouchers with some of our Champion Lakes guests looking on.  
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62 Paddlers and almost as many prizes today. A mixed bag of weather Beautiful one moment raining the next. A great race was won this year by Mark Lawson in 1 Hour, 1 Minute and 4 seconds, followed closely by Brett McDonald and Matthew & Nicholas Greed in a K2 in third place Many thanks to all our members and friends who assisted us in running the race. Special thanks to Roland Hardy who manned the safety boat for us. The results spreadsheet can be found under the RESULTS tab.
ues 7th April 2015 : Peter Burge presenting tonights winner Jeff Lohrey with a movie voucher
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First night back at the Shelley Sailing Club for the start of the winter series and what a night. It was very windy to begin with which made the first 1 km quite rough before the shelter off Wadjup Point gave us some calmer waters.  As if that wasn't enough some of our paddlers had to deal with marauding Dolphins which normally are Beautiful but when your also battling winds, waves and a dark night can be a little disconcerting. Still it was a fun night with 17 boats battling the elements and then enjoying hot Pizzas after the race. Tonight's winner was Jeff Lohrey...
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Don't forget its also Pizza night so bring your $5 and hang around for Pizza.
Tuesday 31st March 2015 : Tim Coward presenting tonight's winners Steve and Cindy Coward with movie vouchers
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A smaller turn out than normal 20 odd paddlers. High water tonight and the race was a nomination to Riverton Bridge. Tonights winner was Steve and Cindy Coward in their K2, shown in the photo being presented with a movie voucher by their son Tim.